Sprachtraining für Firmen und Unternehmen

Teaching methods (Methodology)

A pleasant stress-free learning atmosphere is particularly important to us. The lesson is carried out principally in the target language. Our teaching method is lively and communicative and is founded on the principle that language comes from speaking. Therefore the basis of our learning concept is to encourage you to speak and thereby to widen your vocabulary, and to improve your ability to express yourself. The pleasant learning atmosphere helps to quickly remove your inhibitions when speaking. We lay great value on homogenous groups, as only then can we ensure that each participant takes part actively in the lesson.

In the beginners’ and refresher courses, our teaching method follows a basic bilingual approach, i.e. grammatical structures will also be explained where needed in English/German. This way, we ensure that explanations are really understood, and participants can also quickly overcome their shyness, in asking questions New structures and new vocabulary will be actively used and applied in the spoken language.