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Sprachtraining für Firmen und Unternehmen - Businessenglish

Company Training

Do your employees

  • have to improve their foreign language knowledge, or
  • need a solid language basis, or require
  • specialised and ‘technical’ subject-specific training, as in the case of English for meetings/presentations, or do they simply have to
  • refresh their existing language skills again?

DIALOGIS - the language school - offers a wide spectrum of foreign language courses in: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Based on a detailed needs analysis, we will develop for your company a tailor-made training programme. Bearing in mind the assignment you give us and the needs of your employees, we will draw up, together with you, the learning goals to be achieved. The lessons - in homogenous learning groups or in intensive individual classes- will quickly help ‘students’ to achieve the success they need and want.

Our offer:

General language courses at the different levels, as well as business and job-related In- house language training.

The following types of tuition are possible:

  • Group courses:
    The lessons take place once or more times a week in small groups of 3 – 6 participants. Larger groups on request!
  • Individual lessons:
    The best type of lesson for all those who have to, or want to learn a language particularly quickly.
    Individual – one-to-one – lessons are particularly effective and ideal for all those who have individual needs or learning aims, as for example the learning of a job-specific language, or for those who have difficulties with the grammar or pronunciation.
  • Intensive courses:
    Particularly suitable for participants, where it is not possible to take part in group courses which take place regularly, or where there is a need to prepare in the shortest time possible for a specific job situation (e.g. for an interview, or a business trip, etc.).

As part of our service to companies, we offer a pre-course discussion to clarify what is needed, as well as a ‘free’ placement of the participant/(s), and a specifically created and concrete language training program.

The lessons take place onsite - at your company’s offices.

We will concentrate wholly on your individual needs.

Our language courses will lead you quickly and surely to the success you want.